Troy navarro


My background is eclectic and diverse. I have been happily married to the same lovely Canadian woman for almost 30 years. We live in Spring, TX, with our Jack Russell terrier, Loki. 


I have worked with my hands my whole life, fabricating and remodeling retail spaces, houses, apartments, and vintage cars. 


I have spent time as an exotic car mechanic. A salesman and retail manager. A US Army soldier, helicopter mechanic/crew chief. A water ski instructor and professional competitor/consultant for Connelly Water Skis.  A flight attendant. A flight instructor and pilot. Hell, I even sold motorhomes for a while.


I worked for the resort Club Med teaching waterskiing, which led me to establish a water ski school in Kauai, HI, on the Wailua River. This is where I learned to wakeboard and even competed professionally. 


After doing some design and marketing work for a few small companies, I was asked to help promote Connelly waterskis and wakeboards, doing traveling teaching clinics and producing instructional videos. That led to managing a wakeboard camp in Smithville, TX.


My interest in traveling led me to work for Continental Airlines as a flight attendant. With encouragement from a pilot mentor at Continental, I also received all my licenses to become a commercial pilot.


As much as I have enjoyed flying, my interest in construction and fabrication has grown over the years, so I've been working as a construction superintendent for the past few years. I’ve definitely found a great niche that enables me to use my construction and supervisory experience. Of all the construction I have done over the years I think I am happiest doing interior construction. I am proud to be part of the team at Meridian Constructors. We do a lot of high end interior and medical center remodeling for some really interesting clients all over the Houston area.


My off-work pastimes include hanging out with my wife and dog, helping friends with projects, traveling, wakeboarding, hiking, scuba diving, kite flying, restoring old cars, and flying. 


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