Troy navarro


My background is eclectic and diverse. I have been happily married to the same lovely Canadian woman for over 25 years. We live in Spring, TX, with our Jack Russell terrier, Loki. 


I have worked with my hands my whole life, fabricating and remodeling retail spaces, houses, apartments, and vintage cars. 


I have spent time as an exotic car mechanic. A salesman and retail manager. A US Army soldier, helicopter mechanic/crew chief. A water ski instructor and professional competitor/consultant for Connelly Water Skis.  A flight attendant. A flight instructor and pilot. Hell, I even sold motorhomes for a while.


I worked for the resort Club Med teaching waterskiing, which led me to establish a water ski school in Kauai, HI, on the Wailua River. This is where I learned to wakeboard and even competed professionally. 


After doing some design and marketing work for a few small companies, I was asked to help promote Connelly waterskis and wakeboards, doing traveling teaching clinics and producing instructional videos. That led to managing a wakeboard camp in Smithville, TX.


My interest in traveling led me to work for Continental Airlines as a flight attendant. With encouragement from a pilot mentor at Continental, I also received all my licenses to become a commercial pilot.


As much as I have enjoyed flying, my interest in construction and fabrication has grown over the years, so I accepted a job offer to work as a construction superintendent a few years ago. I’ve definitely found a great niche that enables me to use my construction and supervisory experience.


Of all the construction I have done over the years I think I am happiest doing interior construction. I am happy to be part of the team at Meridian Constructors. We do a lot of high end interior and medical center remodeling for some really interesting clients all over the Houston area. 


I still fly some for KCSI Aerial Patrol, a professional aviation company specializing in surveillance of oil and gas pipeline right-of-ways and production fields.


My off work pastimes include hanging out with my wife and dog, helping friends with projects, traveling, wakeboarding, hiking, scuba diving, kite flying, restoring old cars, and flying. 


a little bit about me